A Beginners Guide to Mixed Media Art

Always wanted to try a different art form—but aren’t sure where to start? Sick of sticking to collage? Want to add more dimension to your work? It might be time to give mixed media art a try!

What Is Mixed Media?

First of all: what is it, exactly?

Mixed media art involves mixing different creative mediums to create work that unites two or more art forms. For example, you can add sculpture to your painting, or draw on top of photography prints. Mixed media is all about breaking the boundaries between different art forms.

Artists need to look at everything as a potential canvas. If you are a traditional artist who works with oil-based paints, for example, perhaps you could try painting on a woodblock, or a piece of furniture, or found objects like books or antique toys. Or, let’s say, you work with embroidery, make-up or water-based paints—you can add in more delicate items, such as tea leaves, flower petals, and found photography. Digital artist? You can print out your creations on different materials and paint over them, or paste them onto a form to create a mixed media sculpture. These mixed media creations also make a wonderful addition to your art portfolio,

When starting your first mixed media creation, feel be to be playful—and get messy! The goal is to learn how the mediums can interact with each other, so don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s better to go too far and pull back for your next piece than to be too timid and never know what the mediums you use are capable of. As Ernest Hemingway said, “Write drunk and edit sober.” The same goes for making mixed media art!

What do you use in Mixed Media Art? 

In many of Sharon’s Pieces she uses costume jewellery, spray paint and costume paint, but you don’t need to stop here you can use anything that suits your work and that you might be throwing away, who knows it could make the piece look unrecognisable. By incorporating different items and mediums it allows you to expand your mind set and the way you work, enabling you to become more creative within your work and practice.

We hope this blog has helped with your creativity and changed the way you work.