Angel Wings in Art

As an artist, you sometimes wonder where you get your inspiration from and why you create?

My journey to creating beautiful original artwork was far from ordinary.  My life as an art teacher, mum and wife was everything I ever wished for and I never imaged not teaching. Struck down with an illness of chronic fatigue made me stop teaching and overnight my life was redundant.  Every day was the same as the previous and never in my wildest dreams imagined living my life from the comfort of my bed and sofa in pyjamas unable to be involved in normal life as a Mum, Wife and Teacher.

What changed in my world was totally out of my control, I barely had the energy to stand and brush my teeth but somehow I had the strength to create works of Art.  Unknown to me at the time but this was my healing process, the reason for dropping out of teaching so dramatically.  Being forced to take a completely new direction in my life.   During my year in Art recovery, I created over 20 pieces of original artwork with Ascension Angel Wings being one of my first pieces.

I still ask the question how did I end up going from Teaching one day to being on an aeroplane to Dubai to exhibit my original works of Art a year later?  All I can answer is that I am on this planet to create beautiful artwork for everyone to enjoy. 

Ascension has definitely sparked emotion.  I can't say it's one of my favourites as I love all of my works of Art but I have seen and heard more people cry over Ascension.  Only the other day while in the office a couple of friends visited my business partner, both had recently lost both sets of parents.  I think of the loss of anyone close we grieve forever but just cope with day to day life.  Upon seeing the large canvas version (the original sold in Dubai) of the print they were both brought to tears.  Their eyes filled and the tears rolled down their faces in a beautiful way they remembered their parents and the Angel Wings signified peace and harmony.  

That very canvas this week was dedicated to a friend who every year raises money for prostate cancer in memory of her dad.  It now hangs pride of place in their home.

I can't wait to continue on my journey creating empowering pieces of Artwork that brings pleasure and comfort to everyone.