Are you on Trend with Floral Canvas Wall Art?

Goodbye Chintz and make room for florals.  This is music to our ears as Sharon loves flowers. Thankfully with modern floral canvas wall art prints being so  amazing they jazz up your home décor in any room. Over time the floral patterns have evolved in home décor, we have been released from the vision of old out dated 50's style upholstery and heavily decorated windows.  At first it may appear a move towards chaos and disaster, so don't be tempted to avoid them.  We have brought together a guide on how to re work your floral interiors.   

 Soft Floral Print Canvas Wall Art

 Introduce yourself to roses, blossoms and peonies with a vintage twist.  Vintage canvas wall prints work well in both a country and contemporary setting, softening the interiors effortlessly.  When you first think floral you often assume soft pink hues will think again.  Bellatrix is spirited and eye catching adding dramatic colour that you may have never considered.  These wall art prints already pop floral patterns so consider the use of contrasting items and colours in the immediate surroundings.  The Bellatrix range of cushions are bright and vibrant with turquoise and cerise pink. as the bed rock of colour.  If you are looking to brighten up your room and have a vivid imagination then Bellatrix is the range for you.

Canvas Wall Art 

 At first you may think should I go subtle or would I go bold with florals.  It's a great way to mix florals with other patterns and styles.  It all starts with the Canvas wall art then bring in your favourites and incorporate your star statement piece like an armchair, sofa or ottoman covered in your chosen fabric.  You can even combine your floral wall art with a modestly patterned sofa. 

Floral Canvas Wall Art

 If you're not feeling confident then keep it simple with a few flowered themed home accessories to complete the look.  Pink is always understated and teams with soft grey interiors.  If you love classic furniture then we suggest pairing your Lightness canvas wall art with a soft pink leather chesterfield and subtle pink floral cushions.  Instantly adding a sense of style, comfort and homeliness with these few chosen items. We love this vintage sofa with a touch of lightness.


Lightness of Being Floral Pink Cushions