Best cushion for a sofa

Everything you can think about after a busy day at work is, going back home, falling on the sofa in the lounge and never getting up again. The best sofa stuffing depends on how soft or thick you need and your cushion style on couch as well. It may also depend on your sofa size.

There are various types of sofa cushions that play vital role in interior decoration and add an elegant look without renovating it. The two main features, design and color, may attract you the most.

Best filling for luxury cushions:

Don’t forget about the cushion filling as it indicates how long will your sofa set last. There are various types of cushion fillings, designed for a person’s lumbar support. Feathers, foam, polyester, hollow fiber fill and batting are the most prevalent sofa cushion fillings. Sometimes a mixture of these is the filling, which gives the sofa more life.

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Feather-filled cushions:

For people who prioritize softness in a couch, feather filled cushions are perfect. The cheaper choice is feathers; firms actively use duck or chicken feathers as filling. Duck feather cushions are the synthetic filling most commonly used, they are gentle and luscious supporting, allowing the body to nestle into the cushion. In order to keep feathers from falling out, cushions are wrapped in feather-proof casings.

Polyester filling cushions:

For sofa buyers on a budget, polyester is a good option. It's cheap and accessible in various thicknesses, but it demolish out easily. For those who have feather allergies, this is a better choice. Soft polyester is smooth, durable and bouncy.

Foam filling for cushions:

Foam is commonly available cushion filling material in a range of thickness. A strong couch cushion contains high-density foam, but few people may find it too difficult. Typically low-density foam has a soft to standard firmness.

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Hollow fiber:

Hollow fiber is a synthetic man made material that is suitable for allergy sufferers, close to candy floss in appearance, soft in appearance, and has strong filling strength. 100 percent white and entirely washable, the fine, hollow polyester strand from which it is made gets its name. Air is trapped in the hollow core and helps provide a lofty duvet filling. This material is inexpensive and easy to wash, so low maintenance is required.


For foam cushions, batting is being used to hold the filling smooth and stop it from slipping. The cushion covering can be poked through by cotton batting. Find a cotton-polyester mix if this is a concern.

In needled and layered shape, wool batting is accessible. Needled wool is stiff, but it's used to protect the springs of sofas. Layered wool rapidly degrades, so it is not suitable for use on sofas.

Don’t just plop down money for the first sofa you see. Explore the furniture market and take a few weeks to make the decision.