Buddha Our Best Selling Cushion and Wall Art

Why Buddha we ask?  Perhaps it's just how we feel right now.  All looking for peace of mind.  Meditation doesn't make you a different person, a better person or even a new person.  It is about making you more aware and how to get a healthier sense of perspective.  That's probably why our Buddha collection of wall art and cushions have become our best selling lines over 2020.  The floor cushion is the perfect setting for you.  It is a comfortable safe place for you to take stock and of course it's something that is just for you - that ME TIME.  

Learning to meditate is like any other skill it takes time.  Consider it a muscle you have not worked for a long time so it will get sore.  It takes consistent practise to get comfortable.  That's why our Buddha floor cushion has been an amazing starting point to getting comfortable.  Nothing is perfect at first so do not worry that you feel you have not achieved anything.  There is no such thing as the perfect meditation so do not judge yourselves or compare notes with others.  This is your time, your space and your head so take it slow and build up with regular practise.  Sometimes your focus will wander or you'll forget to follow your breath, this is all ok.  It happens to even the most experienced, what is important is that you mediate consistently.  It will become something you do every morning or night like brushing your teeth. 


Happy meditating with Sharon White Art Buddha Cushion.