Canvas Wall Art go Large

We love the Large Canvas Wall Art prints as they can make a real statement in a hallway, dining room or living space.  You can choose from a variety of pastels and crowd a wall area with different symmetries and measurements of canvases.  Start with light pastel colours for your statement wall.  Pastel decor is the new tend for 2019 and it's here to stay so start collecting pastel soft furnishings.  


Pastel Canvas Wall Art


 Choosing canvas sizes can be a little tricky.  With this in mind, we have kept the majority of the canvas wall art prints square.  The size of the wall determines the size of the pastel wall art combinations.  You need to consider a few things like the colour scheme, size of canvas and a few other ornaments to blend with the decor.   

If you are looking for a canvas for your side tables with plain backgrounds then choose a mini canvas.  The canvas wall art is quite an important purchase for your home, make sure you stay within budget.  Look at the size and how it will look in your home and see what suits best for your living space.  Our canvas wall art prints are competitvely priced.  They are high quality printed versions of the originals.  We occasionally sell the originals for in the region of £40K so a large canvas wall print is considerably less investment.