Canvas Wall Art Perfect For Your Home

Canvas wall art is perfect for anyone’s home that’s lacking  personality or needs a new touch. With our many collections we have that for you here, the wide colour palette we have something for everyone, all our canvas wall arts are prints of The original handmade piece which you can also buy, however not online. As we are all looking for something different and new in our homes, Sharon White Art’s large canvases are perfect for that, if you aren’t looking for a large one there are different sizes to choose from. Small 16 x 16 inches, medium 20 x 20 inches, large 30 x 30 inches and extra-large 40 x 40 inches, so you can’t say there isn’t a size that will suit you because there is a selection online.

 All our wall art is responsibly priced as a lot of hard work goes into making them, these large canvas prints are great for changing your home décor and giving your rooms a new facelift. Our cushions also come in three different sizes the small cushion is 43 x 43 cm, the medium cushion is 54 x 54 cm and the large cushion is 59 x59 cm, these sizes will allow you to build your sofa with depth and colour.

We hope you have a look at what we have to offer and hope to see our products in your homes soon. But for now,


Happy Shopping!