Canvas Wall Art Positioning

To lighten up the mood for your room then add lighting to your canvas wall art.  To flare up your canvas's wall art add some direct lighting to the print.  and let the images within it come to light.  All of Sharon's art is created in 3D so the high-level print versions still shine with correct lighting.  To make the canvas wall art print stand out even more, add a striking background.  Bellatrix canvas wall art will work with either a soft pastel background or a dark striking wall ( as shown in the image below).  If you would like to test what image will work where and with what colour background then contact the team for a visual before ordering.

Large Canvas Wall Art  

Sometimes it is best to start with Simple.  A stunning floral image works well in a range of rooms within the home and is fabulous all year round.  You don't need to restrict your home beautifying style with complicated canvas prints.  You just need to blend and match a few of the diverse colours within the canvas wall prints.  We have made this simple for you, all our canvas wall art prints team up with a series of cushions from the same image.  This way the colour schemes have already been considered and you then have the flexibility to choose whether you want one single large print or a series of smaller prints.