Centralise your Cushions they don't always want to appear book ends!

Cushions don't always want to be at either end of the sofa in complete balance.  A little change adds a variation to your interior.  To work this cushion arrangement, bring the cushions to the middle of the sofa and work outwards.  Start with a large statement cushion in the middle and bring a plain or textured cushion in either side and finally back to a medium patterned cushion at the ends. On a 2 seater sofa you could work with 3 or 5 cushions however on a 3 seater sofa you can go to 5 or 6 cushions.  Centralised cushions create a more structured look on sofas that are a little on the small side to accommodate multiple arrangements .  

Floral Cushions


On a larger 3 seater sofa we are particularly attracted to this style arrangement especially if your personality shouts neat and tidy.  It is a great way to incorporate 6 cushions on the sofa, with 3 on each side of the middle sofa seat.  This allows you the freedom to enjoy more colours, different patterns and textures, as long as each pair matches the other.  Start with the large cushions at the back  either plain or pattern and then work your way to the front adding pairs of cushions smaller and smaller as you go along.  To avoid a monotonous finish stick to 2 patterns, 2 plain and 2 textures, this will keep it symmetrical and remain neat and tidy.

The 5 cushion collection is a perfect way to start to nudge you out of the box towards the collections of cushions within the Sharon White Art prints and designs.  With so many patterns to mix and match choose the plain cushions which make the patterns really pop for example Lightness teams well with turquoise or pink cushions. If you are looking for a softer look then add neutral colours like pale grey or beige.  It's amazing how you can make different colours pop from the pattern once teamed with the right plain cushion.

 Each of the Queen of Cushion collections are created to work in harmony.  The brilliant mix of colours within the designs will add texture and light to any room.

Queen of Cushions Colour middle statement Cushions