Choosing the Right Placemats and Coasters!

Placemats and coasters are a valuable addition to the home, offering a great combination of practicality and decoration. Placemats and coasters will protect your furniture from scratching, staining, discolouration and general wear-and-tear. There are several materials that are used to make placemats and coasters, along with hundreds of designs to choose from. It is just as important to choose a coaster or placemat based on its properties as it is to choose a design that suits you and your home.

Home Decor by Sharon White Art

Other materials such as melamine, glass and fabric can be used to make placemats and coasters. Melamine is a robust and easy-to-clean material which is often backed with a velour covering to prevent it from slipping on furniture. Toughened glass placemats and coasters are stylish and functional; they are virtually unbreakable as well as being heat-, stain- and odour-resistant. Faux leather placemats and coasters are a contemporary addition to the table and feature a variety of designs such as mosaic, tile or floral prints.

There are many designs to choose from in our collection of coasters and placemats varying in colour and decorative designs, finding the right design is a matter of personal taste and preference, however we feel that you’ll soon figure out your taste and style when it comes to our products.