Co-ordinating your sofa and cushions

A well-designed lounge or living room almost always has one common feature—a stylishly corresponding set of sofas and chairs with neatly coordinated cushions and pillows. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the sofa and cushions always have to look the same, be of the same colour, or keep a similar shape. However, each piece of furniture and its associated regalia ought to be harmonising, something that keeps within the desired ambience and character of the space. When you purchase new seats and sofas for your domestic space, it can often be tricky to know how to accessorise. Ultimately, colour is always an important consideration, so too the choice of pattern or motif, size and dimension, and indeed the ideal quantity required. If you need a little inspiration on how to add some cushions to your sofa, then look no further than the fantastic examples below.

Simple pastels with a hint of colour

When we decorate we have a certain idea or theme in mind, with how we would like the final appearance of our room to look, and in order to accomplish that, you need to ensure all the trappings and trimmings are well-coordinated with their associated furniture counterpart. This example shows a pastel couch in a mid-century design, with two well-chosen cushions that work to enhance the space. With pastel or light coloured seating, consider a bold cushion, paired with a pastel cushion as well. If the fabric of your couch is one-tone, try patterned accessories and different motifs to inject interest into the room.

Renewal Collection

Bright and bold

When you have a colourful sofa, you can either continue the bold and bright theme, or choose something more subdued to contrast the vivid shade. This couch is smartly matched with similarly bold and wild cushions. This gives a sense of life and vivacity to the room, while the other accessories compliment perfectly. The floor ottomans are a chevron pattern and reflect a tonal similarity to the sofa, while the side table’s lamp is a combination of simple clear glass and bright red fabric.

Coordinated with a feature wall

If you have very simple furniture and seating, you may not know what colour or style of accessories to add—the good news is that with a very plain décor, you can create any style relatively easily. Take this example, it illustrates a white couch along with a feature wall, and a matching cushion. Consider matching your cushions and living room accessories to the feature wall, and leaving your furniture simple and subtle. This can work for many different scenarios, if you have plain bedroom furniture, try a painted feature wall and coordinate you bedsheets to match that colour. Or conversely, a white bathroom may look excellent punctuated with bright linen and textiles.