Creating Mixed Media Pieces in Lockdown

Due to the coronavirus we were stuck in our own homes for an abnormally long time with very little to do. What more is there to do than get in touch with your creative side and try something new! As mixed media art is becoming more and more popular we’ve seen a surge in the amount of people creatine artwork over the lockdown period.


Ascension Wall Art

With many things lying around the house this allows all you thriving artists out there to create new artwork.

Many people ask what do you use for mixed media art? And what do artists use for mixed media art? Well the answer is, anything we can get our hands on, anything that is going to be thrown out, anything that isn’t being used, such as wood, wires, glass and metals. You can also use various fabrics, whatever suits the work you want to do or that you are doing.

The lockdown being enforced allowed many of us to explore our creative side and try new things that we wouldn’t normally, such as mixed media art, this can be incorporated into many different art forms, such as photography, by simply drawing or sewing onto an image.

 Sharon white Art focuses on large canvas wall art, that get photographed and turned into canvas prints, large cushions, medium cushions, small cushions, placemats, chopping boards and so much more. In this case a variety of mediums are used from physically making the products using old jewellery and things found and given to photographing and printing on different materials for the different sized cushions.  This is mixed media art like no other!