Cushion Covers | Faux Suede Soft Cushion Covers

A few cushions make all the difference and a few cushion covers save pennies.  You can have so much fun changing cushions.  Retain your cushion pads and order a selection of new cushion covers to spice up your home interiors.  You can have so much fun and we can help the decision-making process easy with a few useful hints and tips when buying cushions.  A great cushion cover makes a world of difference to your home interiors with the medium cushion cover being a statement piece on your sofa or bed.

Do your cushions match or clash on your sofa?  Then just change the covers!  This is a great way to save some money and sometimes when you buy a new sofa or settee it comes with matching cushions you don't particularly like then the solution is simple!  Change the cushion covers.  Look for lovely florals that coordinate beautifully with colours which you may already be using in your home.  Try and balance strong colour prints with plenty of neutral surfaces.   Neutral colour themes seem to be the norm so choose a few bold colours to inject a little depth.  The more neutral the room the brighter your cushions can be.  This is so easy when you have neutral rooms.   Do not be afraid to combine some texture into your cushion cover collections.  Make sure you order some heavy and lighter textures across your cushions to keep your home looking and feeling cosy but modern.


Bold Cushion Covers