Cushions for your bed.

When choosing new bedding, the options are overwhelming.  Cushions come in all shapes and sizes - more than we can count so deciding how to arrange them becomes more complicated.  It is quite simple if you stick to one principle.  Choose plain colour bedding with colourful cushions and bed runners.  

If you like the classic timeless and elegant look, choose one statement cushion and match your throw in the same colour palette and it will speak volumes.  Plus only having one throw and one cushion on your bed at a time gives you more opportunities to play with the look.  Buy a few you like then swap them over whenever the mood strikes. 

A perfect pair fill out your bed just a bit more by choosing a pair of cushions that match. The symmetry of this look will keep your bed looking fresh, bright and clean and if you ever decide on a change or switch your bedding you have a pair of matching cushions for another room in the house or garden.

You make like to be a bit more creative and this is where having more cushions gives you the chance.  Three cushions can either match or have three entirely different cushions from the same collection to coordinate the colour palette.  Display them in a neat row or stagger them creatively in front of your bedding.

Plush and Plentiful make be the look you desire.  Go bold with a mountain of cushions a 'mile high' for a luxurious look and feel. Adding more cushions gives you a great chance to play with more colours, textures and patterns.  Go bohemian with an eclectic mix of vibrant patterns in vibrant hues that work within your colour scheme.  You can choose to either arrange them stylishly in an organised manner or effortlessly toss them on the bed.