Cushions We Love with Canvas Wall Art We Love

What better way to welcome Summer than with a cushion update for your home and garden.  We can show you the fastest and easiest way to make a large impact on your home cost effectively.  

First, get organised.  Move through your home room by room at a time dividing your belongings into a stay or go situation.  Once you know what is staying give them a new place.  

Hang new canvas wall art, this is one of the easiest ways to update your home and perhaps cover a wall that should have had a lick of paint!  Group pieces together to create an eye-catching gallery wall, or go large scale canvas wall art to fill that empty space.

Next switch out those old cushions for something new to liven up your living room or bedroom.  Try layering patterns, colours and textures for a lovely homely but visual look.  Ad cushions to window seats or hall benches for a homely cosy feel.  If the cushion pads are still in good shape opt for cushion covers and save some pennies here.

Purchasing new furniture can be expensive so instead of buying new, move some around your home to create a bigger space which is more balanced or organised.  The old furniture is crying out for new cushions and cushion covers with that touch of colour, so go on and spoil that old sofa.  One simple solution is to swap the position of your sofa and chairs or even add a different rug from another room.  

Lastly, create a statement wall.  Add a few pieces of wall art or wallpaper only one wall.  Experiment with colourful canvas wall art to highlight a wall behind your bed or sofa.