Decorative Cushions and Pillows For The Bedroom

Cushions are the perfect accessory for changing the look of your bedroom. We’ve put together some handy tips to help you revamp your bedroom.

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Why use cushions on a bed?

When it comes to designing your bedroom, throw cushions are an essential touch to nearly every bed. They add character and personality; and with a dash of colour and highlighted textures; they transform an entire room’s décor while delivering a unique statement. 

Regardless of your interior style — modern, eclectic or boho chic— cushions are important to every masterful bedscape. We’ve rounded up a few tips, and things to consider when decorating your bedroom with throw cushions.


How many cushions should you put on a bed?

Between three and five cushions will make your bed more interesting but still keep it comfortable. A bed without cushions can look bare and uninviting, but having too many cushions can look messy, and it may become a chore!

Having said that, some people love the idea of a pillowed haven to fall into every evening. It is possible to use as many as 9 cushions on a bed but choosing the right sizes, shapes and arrangement are very important. When using a large arrangement, try two large cushions as a base, followed by some smaller cushions.

Achieving a balanced look depends on personal preference; some people love added colours and textures, whilst others prefer a more subtle and minimal approach.


This bedroom features our Trust collection

As long as there is a stylish colour palette and difference in cushion size and shape, you can stop the room from looking too busy.  

How to choose cushions for your bedroom

A bedroom with neutral colours can act as a setting for cushions with bright and bold pattern rich in colour. This allows the cushions to match the room without detracting from any of the design elements that are in it.

Velvet cushions in solid bold colours are perfect for classic spaces — while a clean and relaxed colour palette with large design prints work wonderfully in modern bedrooms. 

Use different sizes and shapes

To add depth and extra dimension,  use different cushion shapes and sizes. Mix and match large squares with smaller ones for aesthetic.

The sizes and shapes of your cushions will be determined by the size of the bed.  Make sure you have room on your bed so that the cushions can be fully appreciated. The bolder the cushion, the more space it will need flourish.

Large oversized cushions make for gorgeous floor cushions — smaller square can be used on an armchair or on a bench seat by the bedroom window.


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How to arrange bedroom cushions

There are 2 simple rules when arranging cushions on a bed. Number 1, always assemble your cushions from large to small with the biggest designs at the back. Number 2, use alternative shapes and material in each layer of cushions so that the arrangement looks aesthetic.

When arranging cushions, you must look at the size and height of the headboard. Usually, beds with crafted and detailed headboards are suited to a smaller number of cushions that won’t obscure the decorative framework.

Use an even number for a symmetrical arrangement.