How To Decorate With Cushions and Pillows

Cushions are a simple and inexpensive way to change up your room. Here are some simple tips to help you decorate with cushions on a budget.

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Style clutter

 Too much of everything can become clutter, but when carefully organised, it has a place and purpose. When we speak of a ‘budget’, the goal is to create a home that increases warmth without over spending.  

Keeping a few key items and buying only a small number of cushions will leave your room looking modern and minimal.

When de-cluttering your room, you can buy mix-and-match affordable cushions and simply switch them up on your sofa with the ones bought for another room every other week.


Consider your room lighting 

The right lighting will compliment your newly purchased cushions. This is a great way to avoid spending on cushions that won’t ever find a spot or add any great value to your living space.

Designers would advise you to sit the throw cushions in the room for a few days. Allowing you to observe how the light sits with the cushions and pillows at different times. 

 Good lighting draws attention to the cushions — enhances textures, shows the detail and makes the colours vibrant.

 For example, geometric prints in deep colours can be brought to life when the room is properly lit. Hanging mirrors in a well-lit room duplicates the appearance of throw cushions, adding opulence and a touch of style.



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Consider the insert

Cushion inserts give you options; you can choose an expensive material or a cost-friendly one. This can be tricky because at the end of the day, all you want is good quality material that won’t require you to switch for new ones often, however the best is always the most expensive, polyester is a good compromise when it comes to cushion inserts. They are not too expensive and not too cheap either.

You still get an insert that is durable, non-allergenic, odourless and easy to wash. When properly cared for, they do a great job of keeping cushions full for quite some time, depending on where they are being used in the home.

Add variety to your fabric selection

Mix and match different materials — cotton will give you a laid back and relaxed feel while velvet adds an air of sophistication. 

Because no two materials are alike — one will provide a quality that the other doesn’t, and this still allows you to get the perfect look. This is an affordable way to spruce up your interior décor


In essence, your cushion selection needs to feel intentional and make a personal statement of what you want reflected in your home.