Floor Cushions

We are massive fans here at Sharon White Art of floor cushions!


Floor cushions are trending again, and this time they’re not just for kids! Floor cushions, or floor pillows as some people may refer to them, are more than just oversized pillows on the floor with no purpose or use. Floor cushions can be functional and handy decoration pieces for any indoor or outdoor living space. With many beautiful cushion options available, you can truly make any floor cushion or floor pillow you desire to suit any room.

Create an oasis of comfort, an extra seat, or use just for relaxing on with a good book in the corner!

Floor Cushions are a great way to blend stylish design with comfort, adding colour and pattern to your home.

Whether you’re a sharer or a sprawler, our original and stunning collections will have the whole family calling dibs on their favourite, so pull up your floor pillow & lounge around in style.

Floor Cushion | Extra Large Cushion | Kids Play Cushion

When you try to take a photograph to show the scale of size and your 13-year-old Jack Russel is not impressed with seating on the floor instead of the sofa!