Floor Cushions for Your Home

Large floor cushions are a versatile addition to any home and a gorgeous way to add some charm and cosiness to your living space. 

Ascension Floor Cushion

Why floor cushions?

Whether you want to extend seating in a small living room, snuggle down in front of the TV, or simply dress up an empty space; floor cushions are great to upscale your home decorating area in many ways.

Floors are often a blank canvas and a simple floor cushion can work wonders and make use of that space. They come in different colours, textures and patterns; which makes it easy to find one that will fit into your décor scheme.

Add a pop of colour to attract the eye

Big floor cushions bring a new level of cosy and extra comfort to both small and big living spaces. It’s essential to select floor cushions in colours that complement your personality, lifestyle and colour palette.

Vibrant hues really stand out and bring a touch of unexpected colour particularly in homes that have a neutral or muted colour scheme.

Because kids spend more time playing and learning in their bedrooms, you may want to opt for big colours that are bright, cheerful and optimistic. Since most floor pillows have a simple shape, a burst of red, a hint of blue or a dash of orange will surely make the kids’ room more exciting.


Lightness Floor Cushion

Get inspiration from existing accents

If you’re unsure about what colours to choose or which colours complement each other; select one or two colours from other soft furnishings or artwork in the room and consider how your new square floor cushions will tie together your current colour scheme.

For floor cushions in bold colours, you may want to add extra interest and depth by choosing fabric that has texture to enhance your living space.

Mix textures for interest and depth

Texture is a simple yet sophisticated way to add depth and visual weight to the scheme of things — particularly when looking to create an interior that’s both cosy and relaxing.

Fabrics such as velvet look stunning in contemporary settings, while cotton or linen help reinforce a relaxed and casual chic vibe.

For example, a bunch of velvet floor cushions can add a plush and comfortable appeal to the home theatre. Fabrics with texture are also tactile and instantly highlight the elegance of the room.

For instance, adding a few cotton and faux fur cushions to your upholstery and pairing these with large floor pillows in complementary colours can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a room.

Blessed Floor Cushion

Incorporate a mix of other seating heights

Spruce up your interior by mixing low seating like floor cushions and floor poufs to create a solid look and make your living space more functional — one which your family and guests will enjoy. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory in your home, placing floor cushions around a coffee table or ottoman gives the low seating purpose and the transitional space between the home and the garden.

Bright florals and subtle stripes add a new dimension to your rooms design scheme and emphasise the colours in your garden. Since floor cushions are easy to move around, you can simply stack and tuck them away with ease whenever they are not in use.