How Can I Decorate My House?

There are 7 elements of interior design and they are let colour, form, space, texture, pattern, line and light, these are the best thing to guide you through revamping your home décor. Add a personal touch to your home's interior with the range of beautiful and elegant decorative home accessories at Sharon White Art. Not only is there placemats, coaster and bed runners to buy there is also chopping boards, these are great in a set so that all your home accessories are matching and look aesthetic. Our chopping boards come in three of the collections, Ascension, Lightness of being and Renewal, this gives you more of a variety to change the colour palette of the kitchen as well as changing the colour of the placemats too.


Chopping Boards

Embrace colour with our Sharon White Art designed chopping boards.  Choose from one of the many different designs within the Sharon White range.  Add extra colour to your kitchen with our range of tea towels, oven gloves, aprons and beautiful table settings which co-ordinate to complete the luxury look. The chopping boards feature the amazing designs are textured, heatproof and hard wearing with anti-slip rubber feet in each corner. Care:  This chopping boards is not dishwasher safe and prefers to be wiped clean only.  Please avoid long periods of time in water and contact with harmful, harsh chemicals such as bleach.

Why not change up the normal chopping board by adding a new and improved version adding a hint of colour. Be sure to check out our other home accessories available.

Happy Shopping!