How To Arrange Cushions Like a Pro

It’s easy to spot cushions you love, but not as easy to arrange them to suit your desired look. 

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How to arrange cushions

How you arrange cushions depends greatly upon; where they’ll be used, the colours in the space, how many you have, their colour or pattern, their texture and size, and the look you’re trying to create. While the options are endless, the rules remain the same; get the right colours, focus on layering, mix size, shape and texture and above all, experiment! 

Below are some of the most popular cushion arrangements with helpful tips on how to best pull them off.


The 2-1 cushion arrangement

This arrangement consists of two cushions placed on one end of the sofa; this could be a larger cushion in block colour acting as a base, and a smaller one in front — with a single cushion placed on the opposite end.

Subtle patterns and varied textures can be introduced with this cushion arrangement for a timeless elegance.

Alternatively bold geometric prints in contrasting colours to the sofa keeps things lively and adds personality to the room. Many people enjoy the simplicity of displaying a few cushions on the sofa; and this is a perfect arrangement for achieving a minimalist look.

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Double sides arrangement

An effortless arrangement that builds from two large cushions placed on either side of the couch and an addition of front cushions on each side.

Start at the end of the sofa with larger cushions, 50cm x 50cm in size — and work your way in with smaller 45cm x 45cm cushions up against the larger ones.

However, identical cushions keeps things elegant and modern. This placement is perfect for symmetry and order without cluttering the sofa.


Balanced cushion arrangement

This arrangement includes two cushions on each side of the sofa plus a pillow in the middle. This is a common arrangement of cushions which gives a finished look to a sofa.

It consist of two large cushions as the base, two slightly smaller ones overlapping the two outer cushions, and an additional cushion in the middle that could be smaller in size or different in shape depending on your taste and if it matched the style of your room.

With this kind of arrangement, change the colours, patterns and textures for an interesting and appealing layered look.


Central cushion arrangement

Cushions don’t always have to be limited to the ends of the sofa — a small change in placement adds variation to your décor. To work this arrangement, place cushions slightly away from the ends of the sofa.

For a more relaxed and aesthetically pleasing look, try grouping cushions in odd numbers; a group of three or five cushions. Equal numbers of cushions work just as well and offer a more organised feeling to the decor scheme.

This arrangement creates a structured look on sofas that are too small to accommodate several arrangements or too long for arrangements at either end.



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