How to Arrange Cushions on a Corner Sofa Pt 2

 Welcome back to part 2

  1. Patterns And Plains

Another way of arranging cushions on a sofa is to mix and match colours and patterns. It creates a balanced layout. So, pick two fabrics in similar or complementary colours. Keep one patterned and two plain or vice versa and voila! This simple yet trendy approach is perfect for keeping things in a budget. You can also hint the colours used in cushions in other parts of the living room as well. So, in a bright and happy layout of the living room with yellow plain cushions on the sofa, the colour can be hinted in rugs and throws, too.


  1. Play With Shapes

Arranging cushions on corner sofas is not rocket science. So, don’t just reject yourself that you don’t know how to arrange cushions on a corner sofa. Get creative and let your inner interior designer come out. Go crazy with shapes and forms. Put square, circle, rectangle and triangle cushions on the sofa. They will all create a very happy-go-lucky sort of display. You can also get crafty and DIY some cute shapes and patterns. There can be a star, a cloud, a flower, or face of a cartoon that you adore on your sofa.

  1. A Minimalist’s Heaven

Wondering how to dress a sofa with cushions for a minimalistic setting? It’s simple, really! Be sophisticated, sleek, and minimal. For a smaller corner sofa, two cushions on each side would be enough. However, on a longer sofa, three to five cushions would look great. If you have a grey sofa, use shades of grey and white for your cushions. But if you have a white sofa, you can use grey or pastel colours to create a slightly feminine look.

  1. Don’t Forget Layering

No matter what style you choose for your living room, layering it up will always have a positive impact. So, keep different sized cushions on the sofa and mix and match colours with other items in the room. For instance, lay a rug in a complementary colour to the cushions. You can also place a throw next to the cushions in a bright, warm, or light colour depending on your colour palette.

Renewal Collection

  1. How Many AreToo Many?

Some people get confused about how to arrange scatter cushions on a corner sofa while others can never get their number right. Two seem too less while six may seem too much. So, what is the magic number here? When is it officially TOO MANY cushions on the corner sofa? To answer this, experts have conducted surveys. The results show that the ideal number of cushions on a corner sofa ranges from three to five.

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