How to Choose and Arrange Cushions

The sofa is the focal point of every living room. It is the central hub for romantic film nights, family bonding, Christmas charades, and Sunday morning coffee. While some sofas look sophisticated as they are, every single one can be enhanced in both comfort and aesthetic with the addition of some cushions.

How do you choose the perfect cushions? And how do you arrange them so that they make your sofa look just right?

Follow these simple steps to adorn your sofa with comfort and class:

Start from the bottom
Choose a base layer of colour that will help your other cushions stand out. Two or three cushions in a shade to complement your sofa fabric will perfect foundations of your cushion collection. Large, ultra-comfy squares are best, in a subtle shade that will provide a stylish backdrop for fancier patterns and less conventional shapes.


Trust Collection

Add another layer
Now you’ve picked out your base layers, you can mix it up a little with some smaller, prettier extras. Try contrasting colours or a fun pattern to help your sofa to provide both total relaxation and gorgeous design. These middle-ground cushions need not be costly, they’re here to look pretty while your base cushions do the comfort legwork.

Colour is key
When choosing colours, you have two options: classic and clean or eclectic and wild. If you want to play it safe, a cushion that picks out shades from your existing wallpaper or curtains ties a room together softly in the best of taste. For something more daring, choose a rule-breaking hue that stands at odds with other key pieces. Soft pink cushions breathe life into a simple grey sofa, while a pop of red or another bright colour on a monochrome sofa gives an unexpected kiss of colour.


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The cherry on top
Once you’ve mixed your basic squares, it’s time to have some fun. Introducing one feature cushion makes your sofa pop, and adds a unique touch to transform your sitting room from average to exceptional. You can find cushions in every shape and size imaginable, so pick a quirky shape or an unexpected colour to make your living space worthy of a double page spread. Sharon White Art have a wide variety of shapes and sizes coming in small cushions, medium cushions and large cushions all with beautiful colours and designs that will suit anyone’s taste.