How to Match Cushions to Your Sofa Pt 2

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How big is your sofa?

In a similar way to matching colours and styles, the size of your couch also plays a contributing factor on the number of cushions to display. Unfortunately there’s no simple answer to how to match cushions to sofa size. One can freely use varying numbers of cushions and still achieve a wonderfully creative and playful setting, or a sophisticated and rich atmosphere.

The key to getting the pillow arrangement right is to keep the sofa from feeling overcrowded, but rather, looking effortless and uncontrived — you want plenty of room to get cosy, after all! More importantly, large block cushions are commonly used as outliners, and smaller, perhaps more striking cushions that lend the most visual appeal can be placed at the front.

Large, medium and small-scale prints and varying cushion size will produce a well-balanced arrangement that gives a large sofa fluidity and movement. A larger corner couch allows you more scope — four cushions work well for a minimalist finish, a balanced look might accommodate eight, while a symmetrical display might utilise ten or more cushions.

On the contrary, too many patterns or bold solids can dominate an interior when placed on a smaller couch. Rather than opting for intense choices, using subtle hues with one or two pops of bold colour for your sofa with cushions is a perfect aesthetic balance between a small piece of furniture and vibrant decorative details.

An even number of two to four cushions will impart a sense of symmetry and order on a 2 seater couch — while three to six cushions make for a chic aesthetic on a 3 seater sofa.


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Mix and match like a pro

It has been said many times before that your interior style relies on cushions. Perfectly arranged cushions can make a sofa stand out and can make the living space feel that much cosier and inviting for guests.

It never hurts to invest in a few good quality pillow inserts as well so you can switch over the cushion covers when you feel like refreshing the space with a new colour palette. Keep this all in mind as you match the cushions to your sofa and decorate your space.


Use trending colours

Some of the more trending cushion colours today are neutrals like grey and yellow that can refresh a space without making it overly feminine. Other trending colours to consider are mustard, terracotta, seafoam, and sage green. A brown, taupe, or beige sofa, for example, would look great with a collection of sage green cushions in different shades and patterns.

If you go for seafoam cushions, soft corals, blush pinks, and ivory white make for amazing accent colours. So, if you have a seafoam sofa, then any shades of these will make great decorative throw pillows that pop and stand out.

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 Create some contrast

Think more about horizontal and vertical lines when matching your cushions to the sofa. If you have more narrow spaces to decorate, think of these lines can play with the eyes. Pair some plain, solid colour seat cushions with patterned cushions to create a balanced and refined look. Browns, tans, and other neutral and earthy tones work great against a darker sofa and more natural elements in the space.

So, no matter which decorative throw pillows or scatter pillows you choose for your sofa, make sure they are something you love and that falls in line with your style.

Remember, you can always purchase pillow covers as well for those times when you want to stray from your usual colour scheme and experiment with something new. Pillows and blankets are definitely two of the easiest and most affordable ways to change up your style on a whim.


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