How to Use Grey in Home Interiors?

You’ve probably noticed that grey is one of the top choices of interior designers these days.

Even if you don’t pay much attention to the industry, it’s apparent that grey is the neutral of choice for many people who are decorating or redecorating their homes.

While grey may have been considered dull in the past, it’s gradually become a staple colour to use in a variety of interior design projects in recent years.

Today, grey is often the go to choice of colour in order to create a sophisticated design for your home.

The Grey Cushion


Much like white, grey is most often used as a neutral backdrop to room decor.

It’s a versatile alternative to the standard white many are used to, while simultaneously pairing well with other colours in your decor scheme.

Unlike white, which can be stark a background colour, grey is both softer and calmer on a wall. You can even choose a grey that’s subtle and light in composition to mimic the ambience of white.


As there are so many shades of grey – up to 500, according to some experts – it makes a fantastic choice if you like a monochromatic look.

Choose various shades and tones and layer them on top of each other with wall paint, painted furniture, rugs, and decor items to put together a space that is lively, fresh, and modern.


Since grey is considered a neutral, you can use it in different ways when decorating.

Looking into the past colours of Dulux, cool neutrals such as white and grey have been used everywhere in interior design. Over the years, gentle greys have been a popular paint colour to use in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and more.

Take some time to evaluate your grey colour choices so that you can choose the shade that evokes the emotions you want. For example, perhaps you want to create an energetic and focused space in an office, or maybe you want a soft and welcoming space to sleep in.

The Grey Cushion

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