It's All About Cushion Covers

When updating the look of your room you can take inspiration from many ranges or collections.  Browse through home interior magazines, what is your favourite silk scarf or what is your favourite colour.  There is a range of sources, just use this as inspiration when looking for beautiful prints and colours on cushion covers.  Consider having your cushions and cushion covers in a combination of sizes to create a homely vibe.  Maybe you need to maintain a gender neutral room with cushions and grey with yellow works as a great combination.   It allows that lift of colour in your living space without being too feminine.  


Seasons come and go as well as trends in cushion covers.  It doesn't mean you have to splash out on a completely new look for your home, we just say Cushion Covers.  By simply dressing your sofa or special comfy chair that needs some new love, a simple touch of colour can transform the corner of your living room.  The trend for blush and soft dusty pinks are perfect for spring and summer time.  We offer a stunning range of pinks cushion covers for that reason.  We recommend a mixture of 18" and a few 22" cushion covers to liven up your room.


Soft Pink Cushions