Jump Into Your Canvas Wall Art... Like Mary Poppins!

‘I want to be able to jump into paintings like Mary Poppins' - Sharon White, age 6.

From a very early age, I had a fascination with paintings. I would stare for hours at any form of wall art, tapestries, and photography. The images would present themselves as a single moment in time. I wanted to jump into the scene like Mary Poppins, touch the trees, listen to the birds and take a 360 turn. For me, it was pure escapism and a moment where my imagination could go wild. As an artist, I wanted to create a similar experience. I wanted to create Wall Art where people could lose themselves and be transfixed by the colours and textures and embrace pure beauty. Where young and old could stare and see something different each time.

But more than that I wanted the Wall Art to come alive with sections of the piece popping out. So this is why I created the sofa art, cushions, and throws. Sections of the wall art are selected and enlarged providing a full collection or images to be used in creating the other products in my ranges. Not only can you lose yourself in the Wall Art, but you can also embrace it on a different level. You can touch it, cuddle it and feel every aspect of the work whilst living your everyday life. Mary Poppins cemented my theory that art on the inside is perfection, a magical wonderful place. But for you, I’ve made sure the Art is beyond the Wall. Sharon White - age 45.