Make your Wall Standout with Large Canvas Wall Art

Without a doubt choosing the right colours and canvas wall art are a key factor in creating that statement wall or feature within your home décor.  It's that important step that brings all the other aspects of design and soft furnishings together.  It can be challenging choosing the right colour schemes for the right room, so we have helped you by creating a range of canvas wall art prints that standout and remain current despite the changing trends.

As an example, a teal sofa with dove grey walls in the living room open themselves to add Lightness of Being large canvas wall art with a selection of cushions.  The cushions have a palette of teals, pink, and soft grey and welcome the plain walls and sofa.  This colour combination is calming and gentle and in particular works well as grey offers utmost versatility as you can use it as a wall colour or introduce floor rugs, throws and cushions.  Additionally, you can layer so many shades of grey against a small segment of colour.

If you are a bit on the wild side then why not go bold with Renewal Canvas Wall Art.  The splendid array of birds, flowers and butterflies adorn the piece with a rich Moroccan palate.  Complimentary hues of blues and oranges make this a striking composition.   Add the range of cushions with intentional symmetry to show the beauty of Moroccan décor with sticking imagery and distinction.  The reflections of these colours offer can really alter the feel of a room.