New Range of Bed Runners

Bed runners are a great idea to jazz up your allows you to add an extra pop of colour to the room, improving your home furnishing and complimenting the accessories around it. Our bed runners are coming out in different collections allowing you to match the bed runner with your Large cushions, medium cushions and your small cushions, even your floor cushions and pillows, meaning you’ll have a Sharon White Art house by the end of it, wouldn’t that be great! We are constantly trying to bring out new Home Décor accessories that you would be interested in and what new trends are at the current time, this allows us to stay up to date with the ongoing development in the art industry as well as the interior design industry.


Bed Runners from the Home Decor Section

There are several good reason to buy a bed runner, just like a table runners a bed runner drapes over your bed instead of the table, bed runners help protect the duvet from dirt and stains but also gibing your bedroom a classier look. With a bed runner comes cushions, what sizes? Large cushions, medium cushions and small cushions, your bed runner could match these cushions allowing your bed to come a piece of art with different sizes of cushions as well as the wall art, the beauty of Sharon White Art is that you can get everything to match.


Keep an eye out for our new bed runners!