Shopping for Cushions - How to Buy Cushions

Are you shopping for cushions and bewildered by the hundreds and hundreds of options?  There are literally thousands of cushions to choose from.  Sizes, colours, patterns textures anything you can think of the choice of cushions is vast.  We have tried to make it simple by keeping the colour palette within the colours of the original art.  That way we know the cushions will work and you can mix and match the pattern designs effortlessly.  

Whether you are putting the finishing touches on a newly renovated room or just giving an old room a new twist we have some expert tips for your cushion choices.

We advise you to narrow the choice first and choose a colour to work with.  Colour not only has the biggest potential on the overall design of your space but its the easiest for weeding out what can and what can't work. There are a few ways to go about choosing the colour of your cushions.  

Look to the other objects in the room, the easiest place to pull colour inspiration from is other pieces already in the room.  If there is a shade in your curtains that really catches your eye, or you want to reinforce your blue 'n' white porcelain collection for example then use these as the design hues.   Consider the amount of colour that may already be in the room.  If your sofa is dark navy velvet, your rug is pinks and blues and your walls are already covered in shiny gold frames then your cushions may be an opportunity to add some block colour into an already busy area.  You never want to saturate a room with too much colour, but subtly blend in one or two soft colours.  Neutrals compliment those busy colours so stay clear of pattern overloaded cushions.

One last point is repetition.  When it comes to the colour in a room repeating the colour is key to making a design feel cohesive.  Whatever colour you choose for your cushions be sure it's represented in at least two other places in the room.  One easy way is to choose one of the canvas wall arts and work from there coordinating the cushions colours.