Small Makeovers with Sofa Art

Cushions have become the new home obsession. There are plenty of husbands out there who roll their eyes every time their wives come home with a new set! “How many do we actually need?” is the repeated question. My husband particularly knows that this is a rhetorical question.

It’s all to do with looks and trends and as the seasons merge we like to change the look from wintery rich pallets to softer delicate designs as we greet the warmer weather. Art on a Sofa (aka cushions) make a room come alive if chosen thoughtfully. They bring comfort of course, that is their functional roll, but cushions also bring personality and design to any room.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your little bit of sofa art, which is why we can keep changing them as the mood-takes us ... lucky lucky husbands!!


Here are some handy tips to get that that sofa art bang on;


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  1. Decide on how many cushions you need for your sofa. Try to keep to odd numbers, preferably 5. If odd makes you feel a bit dizzy, go to 6 .... but definitely no more as you need to be able to sit down!


  1. Select 3 statement cushions from your choices. Those with patterns and decor that suit your style. Tie in the colours of the walls, curtains as well as china, vases and mirrors etc. but also consider a contrasting colour that will pop and give a point of difference. For instance, if you have a lot of blue in the room then maybe bring orange to the party too. Or with existing pinks, bring a green to freshen it up. If you need help with colours that complement in this way, look at the colour wheel and work with the opposites, it’s a sure-fire way to keep your colours in check.


  1. Once you have chosen your gorgeous statements, select plain or textured cushions that are completely plain in colour but work with the colour palette. These accent cushions are essential as they balance the look and feel of the whole room.


  1. The size of the cushions are so so important depending on your furniture. With an oversized sofa consider large statements with medium accent colours. Equally with a small sofa, lovers seat or arm chair, use a medium size accent with a small statement balanced in front. Layered looks work really well here.


  1. So you’ve now got the right amount of cushions, you’ve considered colour variations and you have been mindful of scale. You just need to plump them and make them appealing to your audience/husband! Corners up are traditional angles and the ‘Haiya’ karate chop down the middle has become a real trend over the last few years . However un-chopped cushions and angles are just fine! There are no rules here and once sat on they resume their role of comfort. Gorgeous functionality is the key... and let’s face it, they will only be with you for one season!


Love Sharon x