The Best Cushions for Summer

Is your home ready for a refresh for summer?  One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your home feel stunning and appropriate for the season is to swap out your cushions ready for some summer ones.  Whether you prefer a bright or beachy look we have a beautiful fresh collection of pastel pinks ready for the garden.   The Blessed collection is ready for Summer.  Beautiful pastel pink flowers adorn the cushions in an array of prints.  Stunning low contract colour palette that sits beautifully outdoors.  Bring on Summer.

Summer cushions


 Sometimes you cannot get away from the nautical look with summer cushions.  If you prefer subtle patterns then you will love the range Devotion.  Soft pastel blues, turquoises and sea colours, the range of cushions are adorable.  Gravitate towards some of the bolder prints in the collection to create an amazing warm summer feel. It's seasonal decorating at its best with our version of the Sea with the collection Devotion. 


Summer Blue Cushions