Valentines Romance, Cushion Size in the Bedroom!

You have a lovely bed with gorgeous bedding and you want to 'jujj' it up . You’ve fallen in love with the cushions from the SWA range but you have no idea what size to go for! You don’t want them too small as you want a statement but you don’t want them too big as they will swamp the bed. Well let's think about this...

In our house this is a massive drama (for me anyway) my husband just walks away rolling his eyes! But dressing a bed can be a real challenge; cushions have an essential role in the bedroom, they are to be seen but not touched for one .Their purpose is to sit on the bed prettily and go in the floor or in a basket at night! An absolutely pointless exercise in my husband's eyes but one we repeat from night to day. 

I always work with a medium sized cushion (54x54cm) as statement. Then use 2 smaller cushions in the accent colours that compliment, or ones that match with your general room decor. The statement cushion sits centrally between and in front of the pillows and the accents either side. It gives it the look of love and it’s not a marathon getting into the bed! I do remind my husband that he’s lucky I don’t throw rose petals on the bed , because that has definitely crossed my mind!

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How will you be organising your cushions?