Ways to Arrange Decorative Cushions on a Bed Part 1

There is no doubt that decorative throw cushions are essential in increasing the aesthetics of a room. They add colour, character, texture and make a bed look stylish, cosy and inviting.

A bed without cushions can look empty and uninviting however having too many cushions can appear messy and busy. Cushion arrangements usually come down to personal preference; a colourful, textured, fuller look will appeal to some people, whilst others may prefer a simpler, minimalist approach.

Style your bed to perfection with our tips for arranging bed cushions!

 Minimal Approach

 Stack four standard white pillows at the head of the bed as a backrest for your accent cushions to lean on – you can either have these laid down or standing up. For a minimal and symmetrical look stick to even numbers for the accent cushions. Using variation in cushion sizes and shapes adds interest and a layered look.

Blessed Collection

 Mix It Up

 A general rule of thumb that our stylists swear by when styling a bed is to always start with four standard white pillows and white bed linen. White is a universal colour, it’s fresh, crisp and gives us endless opportunities to create new colour combinations through art, accessories and soft furnishings.

A similar approach to the previous arrangement, these cushions have been mixed around so that they are not symmetrical on each side. This form is playful and fun yet still maintains a simple sophisticated look.

 Incorporating Colour

 Odd numbers between Three and Five cushions can make your bed more interesting. Stack two cushions on each side and one in the front middle, remembering to mix up the sizes and shapes to keep it interesting. The eye is instantly drawn to the textured cushion at the front in this arrangement, and it becomes the focal point.

Drawing colours from other elements in the room and using these in the soft furnishings can create a cohesive look and colour palette through the room.

Acsension Collection

We have so many cushions to choose from, and in many different sizes; large cushions, medium cushions, small cushions and even floor cushions. You can style them in any way and mix and match between ranges. Just follow these steps and you’ll be set.