What Cushions Go With a Grey Sofa?

The best ways to style your grey sofa in your home

Some interior design blogs say that a grey sofa is boring or unoriginal. However, ask any interior designer for their takes on the forever-popular trend of grey sofas, and they’ll be sure to instantly disagree. In fact, a grey sofa has more decorating potential than any other furniture piece in your home. Think of a grey sofa as a blank canvas with an infinite number of decor combinations possible.

In fact, grey sofas may be the best option for a home boasting any design style as they pair well with all kinds of colour schemes, and are timeless and much easier to keep clean than an all-white sofa. So what are the best ways to style a grey sofa?

The Grey Cushion

What colour pillows and cushions go with a grey sofa?

The first step in decorating your sofa should always be with pillows and cushions. And with a grey couch, we recommend one layer of Large cushions, layer of Medium cushions and a layer of Small cushions.

Highlight Dominant Colours: A good rule when deciding which colour to highlight is asking yourself which colour jumps out at you first? In some rooms, it may not always be this obvious. If you have a wall accent like this repeating zigzag pattern, be sure to incorporate pillows that match.

Style According to the Theme: Remember to reflect a room’s theme in your choice of throw pillows and cushions.

The Grey Cushion

You need to consider the texture on l]the cushions and in the room you wish to place them, even though the colour is important and you can put any colour on a grey sofa, you have to think about the texture, material and pattern of the pillows you wish to put on it. Our Grey cushion is perfect for a grey sofa as it has a touch of pink and a lovely grey back to it, it will make your sofa pop with colour but still look subtle. It’s also good to get a variety of sizes, large, medium and small cushion’s to give the sofa depth and a great look.

I hope this has helped you find the perfect pillows and cushions for your grey sofa!