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Where Original Wall Art Meets Interior Design.

Interior Design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the Space Wikipedia.  Wall Art is the magic and an original wall art piece known as Ascension now adorns in bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges and offices across the country.  A superb collection of mac shots and pattern repeats are transformed onto a range of wall paper, curtains, soft furnishing, upholstery fabrics and products like cushions and bed runners and throws making every room a sensation.  Interior designers love to work with Sharon White Art who creates beautiful wall art Statement pieces and then the combination of colours and mac shots create a stylish scheme within the spaces available.  This skill of combining, composing and coordinating colours together bring out the magic from the Original Wall Art. 
Like Sharon White, interior designers essential need to acquire a deep experience with colours and textures help with understanding the meaning of the piece of wall art and how it can translate around the room.  Art and colour together result in creating a state of mind for the homeowner and make the room feel calm, cheerful, comfortable and relaxed just as Sharon intended.  Every piece of Original Wall Art starts on a 40 x 40 canvas in the studio and built out over time, whether organically or commissioned each wall art contains a signature piece like the humming bird, dove, or flower.
The colours within the wall art are strong and powerful.  When combined with the richness of fabrics and interior designers then a room is transformed.  Interior Designers are highly skilled and work within the constraints of architects, building codes and regulations where Artist have complete freedom to create Magic.
Interior Designers near me or the other end of the country still choose to work with Sharon White Art.  Each original painting can offer so many bespoke patterns from the numerous mac shots this allows the interior designers to either work with all the shots or just a few from the wall art and bring in more colour to complete the colour pallet.  It's interior Designer vs stylist and in this case the Artist Sharon White Art is the Stylist. The stylist or artist sets the standard with colours and textures and the interior designer enhances the overall look of the room combing it with furniture and wall angles.  Many Interior Designers in London have chosen wall art from Sharon White to work with, they feel free to create outstanding statement rooms for their clients with the confidence that the Original Wall Art will deliver.