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Discover the world of luxury cushions made from the finest faux suede to add decorative artistic flair to your home or office. Dress your sofas and beds in beautiful cushion patterns to create a cosy living space.  Compliment any room with the additional of square cushions from 18" to 40" Sharon White Art has a range of cushion sizes to suit all needs. 

Stylish, modern with a touch of magic each cushion has been created from a section of the Original Art. 

Transforming the macro shots of the original wall art to soft furnishings allows everyone to enjoy the magic created by Sharon White.  

So it's time to revamp your living space with a combination of Wall Art, Cushions and Soft Furnishings which co-ordinate and team up effortlessly.

"So this is why I created the sofa art cushions and throws . Sections of the wall art are selected and enlarged providing a full collection . Not only can you lose yourself in the Wall Art you can embrace  it on a different level. You can touch it, cuddle it and feel every aspect of the work . Mary Poppins cemented my theory that art on the inside is perfection, a magical wonderful place .

But for you I’ve made sure the Art is beyond the Wall".  Sharon White age 45