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Time and time again you visit an online site and think shall I or shall I not order the product. Thoughts like what If it's not right I have to post it back again, tie up money until I receive a refund and so on.  Put all those thoughts on hold.  You can simply order fabric samples of the cushions and cushion covers you desire to ensure you check the quality of the print and texture plus how the design will work with your home décor.    We know we love our cushion designs by the Queen of Cushions and we want our customers to enjoy them too.  Fabric samples are a great way to ensure you are buying the right colour mix for your sofa or bed. 

Brighten up your mood and home with a stunning new range of cushions and cushion cover designs.  A selection of fabric samples and swatches are just waiting for you. 

It's time to add 'Art on your Sofa'