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The Grey Cushion

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Sharon White Art Pink Crystal Cushion

The Pink Cushion

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Large Cushions

When you are considering cushions for your sofa, chairs or bed then you need to consider the sizes.  A large square cushion is very much a statement cushion setting the scene for the smaller cushions either side.  The large cushion works well on a 3 seater sofa as the main cushion with 2 smaller cushions on each side.  The lumbar cushion sits perfectly in front of the Large square cushion.   

These perfectly square large cushions are perfect for you to rest against in bed or as a mini floor cushion.

Mix and Match new large cushions for a quick room revamp.  Our large cushions are an easy update to any room inside or out, perfect for adding pops of colour and texture to all sofas, chairs or beds.  You may be a little wary over choosing some colour for your sofa or bed and with good reason.  As well as it having a visual impact, colour can also subliminally affect your mind.  For example Pink is the colour of sensitivity, sweetness and love so a large pink cushion on your sofa depicts your sensitive side of your character.  Blue is the colour of the sky and ocean often symbolises serenity, stability or inspiration.  A light coloured sofa can easily take a large blue cushion as a statement centre cushion with soft colours positioned either side.  Where as Green on the other hand often represents nature, healing and relaxing. Sharon White Art has a range of cushions across a range of colours for everyone's tastes and personalities with a beautiful mix of colours.