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Interior Designers without furniture

An interior designer without furniture is like an artist without a canvas.  Interior Designers and Artists are made for each other, the Interior designer requiring elegant and opulent designs and colours and the artist providing a way to expose the details of the Original Wall Art.  You may consider it a dissection but in fact its a way of creating a story for beautiful rooms full of colour and magic. Section by section the original wall art is photographed and the dynamic mac shots are produced at the highest quality to create beautiful rooms over and over again. It is said every room should 'sing' and with the combination of Sharon White Art original Wall Art it sets the room's furniture alive.   

Position the Original wall art over a piece of furniture like a Sofa, fire place or table to create a statement on the wall or create a new pattern from the original into wallpaper as a feature wall.   The cushion fabric designs created from the original wall art are great for furniture like sofa's and beds.  Known as "Art on a Sofa" the cushions create practical beautiful looking interiors that enhance peoples experience of living.  Snuggle up on the sofa with the velvet touch rich textured fabric cushions to relax and enjoy the space created.  A successful interior enhances the room not dictating the way you live in it.