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Medium Sized Cushions

There are so many cushions available in all colours and sizes so choosing the right cushion is really difficult.  We have tried to make it easy for you and in fact our medium sized cushion is really generous at 22" x 22".  Match either small, medium or large cushions with our range of canvas wall art and fabrics to create that interior designer feel without the designer prices.    Standard sofa cushion dimensions are square with a 3 seater sofa requiring a selection 22" medium cushion mixed with smaller cushion options.

Transform your sofa with our Art on A Sofa look luxury cushions. So the next question is how to choose the size of the cushions? If you are unsure we have provided a brief explanation to help you choose.  Please remember that the cushion dimensions always refer to the cushion cover's width and length corner to corner while flat without the cushion pad and rounded up to the nearest inch.

Here is our description of cushion sizes in inches. 

Fun Size is quite small when filled and measures 12" square, imagine this close to being a ring cushion when you place your hand across it.

The standard Uk Cushion is 18 inches. this is classified as a small in the Sharon White Art range of cushions.

The Medium Cushion is bar far the best selling as a statement cushion.  It measures 22 inches square and sets any bed or sofa apart from the other cushions.