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Original Canvas Wall Art now for Everyone

What is Canvas Wall Art?

Sharon White Art creates beautiful wall art for everyone to enjoy.  By photographing the original wall art extensively and at the highest level allows everyone to own a print on Canvas.  The canvas wall art print is the result of the image being printed on to canvas which is stretched or gallery wrapped onto a frame for display.  Canvas Wall Art prints are frequently supplied to Interior Designers, they not only showcase the beauty and detail of the image but complete the room.  Canvas prints are intended to reproduce the look of the original on stretched canvas. 

Reproductions of original artwork has been printed on canvas for many years.  The print is designed to continue around the edges on the stretcher   After the image is printed the canvas is trimmed to size, glued and stapled to traditional methods and either displayed with or without a frame.  Sharon White's original art are framed however, the printed canvas wall art are not currently sold framed.