The Original 3D Wall Art is available by Appointment Only. 

Please make contact with Karen at Head Office to make a private viewing of the collections.  This includes many pieces not yet released. 


3D Wall Art



 Sharon is extremely proud of her new on-line shop and is excited about presenting and sharing her beautiful designs across a huge range of products with you all.   The Original Paintings take weeks if not months to build as Sharon layers the materials, crystals and jewels to create stunning pieces of Art.  The Originals are photographed in amazing details, then picking from the stunning Macro Shots to create individual designs and showcase the extent of the work and creativity that the Original contains.

Now 4 of the first 10 collections are available here for you to all enjoy in your homes, offices and gardens. So when browsing and buying look closely at the colours and fine detail thinking about the journey that painting has been on and how it evolved but more than anything we want you to enjoy that little bit of magic.

International Mixed Media Artist Sharon White creates a range of beautiful paintings loved my many.  Here is a rare opportunity to purchase an Original Piece of Art by Sharon. These pieces are rarely available and for a limited period only, please contact Karen to arrange a private viewing.