A highly residential service comes with standard, starting with an understanding and recognition of the client's taste, aspirations, and budget.
From the initial brief, Sharon creates concepts in harmony with the client's ideas, the property, and its surroundings. Once the original piece of art is complete the client can then be involved with the choice of wallpaper, curtains and soft furnishings created from the original should they desire. Our team collaborates to show visuals of the room in advance of producing the completed products.
Client understanding comes naturally to Sharon. She takes time to find out what you might be comfortable with and where she can push the boundaries when needed, guiding and suggesting new ideas that you may never have considered, but are perfect for your home.


Each project has a dedicated Interior Designer, supported with Sharon White Art Team ensuring you receive a personal bespoke service from professional experts who understand you, your space and your vision.  

This interior design service offers the ideal solution for anyone who is short on time, overwhelmed by the choices or who may be in need of a little encouragement and inspiration to just try something new.


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