We want to show you that everyone from construction to customer can be happy. Our aim is to demonstrate that a mixed media company can produce breath-taking unique home décor that is high quality, at the same time we want your experience and our customer service to be outstanding every time without fail. But most importantly, our aim is to prove to you that this can be done without someone in the line not having their fair share. We believe that the system doesn’t have to be “winners and losers”. The system is whatever we all decide to make it, so let’s build a system where everyone wins.

As you can imagine, this is not easy. We are working every day to improve our social and environmental impact. We receive various questions from you asking about our ethics in more detail. So, here's Sharon White Art in a little more detail….

All our products are made in the UK and are ethically sourced, doing the we can for the environment and sustainability. We make sure that all our staff are paid above the living wage, as per livingwage.org.uk. As we grow, we pledge to continue this.

Our team is made up of very experienced cutting staff alongside dedicated machinists who love their craft, ensuring that the customer is satisfied with their products. Our team are on the end of the telephone awaiting your call to answer any cushion related queries.

Ethical standards

 We make sure that all out items are ethically produced sourced through the entire manufacturing chain, ensuring fair working practises are carried out, a fair working practise includes fair salaries, legal employment and safe working conditions for employees.

We make sure that our products are manufactured without the use of hazardous chemicals which could be harmful to the body and the environment.


None of our products have ever been on animals during the design or manufacturing.